10 Blind Date Tips, Lessons, and Pieces of Advice

There are few things in the realm of love and courtship that are scarier than a blind date.

No matter how much thought friends put into finding the right girl/guy for us, there's a reason -- in fact, lots of reasons -- why most people are resistant to going to dinner with a complete stranger.

That said, there's a lot that can be learned about yourself (and others) from a blind date. They may not often lead to marriage, but anonymous dinners, movies, and coffees are great learning experiences. Here are 10 things we've learned from blind dates.

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10. Most people are incredibly boring.

To the contrary of what a lot of Facebook and Instagram posts want you to believe, it appears to us that the majority of Americans (or at least Arizonans) tend to lead exceedingly dull lives. There's no shame in working a 9-to-5, but when all you can talk about is the importance of starting an IRA in your 20s or why the company you work for isn't as evil as people portray it to be, forgive us for losing interest relatively quickly. There has to be more to people than what they do to make a living, right? Well, apparently not the ones we get set up with, except for their love of pop songs with empowering messages and "the outdoors."

9. You have to try, but only a little.

It's hard enough to figure out what level of effort to put into a date when you actually know the person you're going out with. When it comes to a blind date, it's near impossible to find that happy medium of not coming off as totally careless, but also not trying too hard. Putting in too much effort can be a turn-off for the other person (see: desperation) and will definitely cost you all of that time shaving, picking out the perfect shoes, and making sure that one unruly hair is properly tamed. Putting in no effort isn't any better, so we think the right balance is at approximately 15 to 20 percent effort for a blind date, but we're willing to wait until the Internet releases a study on that.

8. Stereotypes can be very accurate.

You know those "basic" girls and basic bros everyone makes jokes about? Those people are very real, and they seem to be very much a part of the blind dating scene. The accuracy of some cultural stereotypes doesn't end there though, as many of the 20-somethings of the world seem to be quite keen on perpetuating a good portion of stereotypes associated with Millennials. Maybe the reason they're on blind dates is because they're still living like ASU undergrads at the age of 26, but you wouldn't believe how many questions a single person can ask about which Instagram filters they should use.

7. Everyone eats differently.

Have you ever really paid attention to how people eat? There are those who eat everything together, then there are "food separatists," then you get to those weird folks who make a sandwich out of everything, and that's just to start. You probably don't put much thought into how you eat, because you've likely always (or almost always) eaten like that. Next time you go on a blind date, examine how the other person eats their food. They're probably doing it on best behavior (since it's a first date), so it's almost like looking into their mind to see how they think people should eat food, rather than how they would normally shovel food down their throat.

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