Top 10 Movies Shot in (and around) Phoenix

Hitchcock, Steve Carell, Barbara Streisand, and Queen Latifah may not have much in common, but they have all ventured to Phoenix for the sake of the movie industry. 

And while working in the middle of the desert and struggling through daily summer shoots isn't all that glamorous, each of these stars landed box office hits from their time spent in the Valley of the Sun. 

From a classic American thriller to a transsexual-focused dramedy, Phoenix has been used as the backdrop in these 10 films ...

1. Little Miss Sunshine
Everyone was rooting for Olive to out-do her botox-filled beauty pageant competition after the family's hellish journey from New Mexico (which was really Arizona) to California.

See who else made the cut after the jump.

2. Psycho
Much of "Psycho"'s exterior shots were filmed in Phoenix, with downtown Phoenix serving as the location for its "Friday, December the Eleventh" opening scene. Hitchcock added a fictional date because the scene accidentally included Christmas decorations.

3. Transamerica
Only a few scenes were actually shot in Phoenix when the transsexual main character visits her parents during a road trip with her long-lost son. The 2005 self-discovery film's lead actress and a song by Dolly Parton were nominated for Academy Awards.

4. Taxi
Some great Hollywood magic went into making it seem like Taxi was shot in the streets of NYC.

5. The War of the Worlds ('53)
The night aliens attacked Phoenix ... instead of Los Angeles.

6. Raising Arizona
Long before Nicholas Cage appeared in all too many D-list movies.

7. A Home at the End of the World
New York City's streets are this film's home, until Colin Farrell and his gay best friend meet in Phoenix for a funeral. 

8. A Star is Born
This is the one where Barbara and Kris Kristofferson get it on in Tempe and Tuscon.

9. Wayne's World
Mike Myers and Dana Carvey (and Phoenician/rocker Alice Cooper) brought the SNL skit to the big screen by shooting in Phoenix.

10. The Nutty Professor ('63)
The Jerry Lewis classic was actually shot on the ASU - Tempe campus, with the prom scene being shot in the then-new Frank Lloyd Wright-designed Gammage Auditorium

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