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Safwat Saleem's "Oh Expletive", Free Guggenheim Books, and The Supreme Court's Take on the F Word

1. Safwat Saleem's Oh Expletive

Oh Expletive by Safwat Saleem Local designer Safwat Saleem released the Kickstarter video and page for his latest project, Oh Expletive: a "project of epic epicness." The series of illustrations includes zombies, unicorns, flamethrowers, and knife fights -- all things Saleem describes as "the most awesome things life has to offer." 

 Saleem created the series with help from printmaker Chrystal Phelps and The Lab @ 137 and is selling the limited-edition screen prints and Tees via Kickstarter. Check out the video after the jump and the site for more details and price info.

2. Guggenheim Offers Free Books
This week, New York's Guggenheim Museum released digitized versions of a bunch of its out-of-print publications and is offering them for free. The collection includes books on Francis Bacon, Calder, Abstract Impressionism, and Cezanne, to name a few. Talk about (expletive) great eye candy and a cool look into art literature. Check them out here

3. The Supreme Court Weighs in on the F Word
Today, the Supreme Court will hear arguments in a case rooted in the use of expletives and partial nudity during primetime broadcast television. The main examples include Cher's use of the F word during the Billboard music awards and an episode of NYPD Blue on ABC that included a seven-second clip of a woman's nude backside. According to the Federal Communications Commission, these examples violated its clauses against airing of "indecent material" before 10 p.m.. Ultimately, the court will decide what should be considered indecent and whether the FCC's current indecency policy violates the constitution. Stay tuned ... Just don't swear. 

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