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Becky Nahom's Group Exhibition "Rinse & Repeat" Showcases Patterns and Texture in Local Artworks

As suggested by its title, Rinse & Repeat, a show curated by Becky Nahom on view at Bragg's Pie Factory, makes the audience want to return to each of the artworks on display again and again.

Nahom, an Arizona native and ASU transfer who began her art training at New York's School of Visual Art, set out to curate a show for the Grand Avenue Festival that would be accessible and pleasing to a wide array of viewers.

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"I knew... that there would be a lot of foot traffic through the gallery and not necessarily by regular gallery go-ers. This sent me down a path of curating a show that anyone could enjoy and have fun at," she says.

While establishing a show for everyone, Nahom still retains a high level of artistic sophistication in Rinse & Repeat. According to Nahom, the artwork showcases "the minimal, the obsessive, the simplistic, and the repetitive."

But the delicacy and texture of the art is what really pulled us in.

After interning with site95 in Brooklyn over the summer, Nahom immediately started scheduling studio visits with artists to find the works for this show.

"I knew that i wanted a large group show. And I wanted to pull from artists in the community, making it a strong local exhibition," she said.

There are several stand-out pieces in the show, such as Rossitza Todorova's "Growing Structure Book" -- a paper cut-out that can be arranged to form different shapes and forms. But truly, one of the nice things about Rinse & Repeat is that no one piece seems to overshadow another. This gives space for some more delicate works, like Saskia Jorda's "Botanica," to be appreciated.

Tonight is your last chance to catch Rinse & Repeat at Bragg's Pie Factory

For a full list of featured artists for the show, visit the event page on Facebook.

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