Denture Jewelry Is a Fashion Cavity

We've seen our fair share of freaky fashion. There were the hairy leg stockings and the bra gun holster. And who could forget the faux-vagina undies? But thanks to Etsy user, Mr. Basic and his shop ConcaveOblivion, online shoppers are now sinking their teeth into a trend that truly crosses the line -- specifically the gum line.

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Starting at $35 and running all the way up to $135, these handmade toothy accessories feature custom acrylic dentures molded into your choice of hair comb or bangle bracelet. Produced in Los Angeles and shipped to you for just $5, this jaw-dropping jewelry line is your sure-fire way of making a statement, whether that statement is "Ask me about my troubled childhood," or "Guess how many times I've seriously considered cannibalism."

Wipe that smile off your face and put it on your wrist or hair instead by visiting the shop's storefront.

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