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WA|HH Quantum Sensations Spray Will Get You Drunk ... Instantly

Because a few shots of tequila take at least 15 minutes and a power hour takes, well an hour, allow David Edwards, a French American scientist, to introduce his latest spray innovation -- an alcoholic spray that'll instantly make you drunk.

Each dose of WA|HH Quantum Sensations comes with 0.075 mililetres of alcohol. When sprayed directly into the mouth, it's enough to give you instant beer goggles that wear off within a minute.

Talk about a quick fix (with almost guaranteed social consequences).

Edwards collaborated with French product design Philippe Starck on the product's packaging and overall look.

The two claim the product (soon available for $26 a bottle) allows users to "enjoy the the pleasure of alcohol without worrying about negative consequences," that users will be able to pass sobriety tests within moments of swallowing the spray, and that the feeling after ingestion is an instant lightheaded feeling that will pass as quickly as it came.

Notes: The creator discourages back-to-back spraying (you might as well just have the cocktail). And for free, you can also get this feeling by standing up too quickly, spinning in a circle, taking the express elevator, or not breathing.


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