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Bathing Bad Lets You Wash Like Walter White

If you happened to be one of the record breaking 6.4 million viewers that watched Breaking Bad last Sunday, chances are you tossed and turned your way into a disheveled state by Monday morning.

Between the unforeseen plot twists, heart-stopping cliff hangers, and the looming fact that the story of Mr. White is almost over, Breaking Bad fans are finding themselves in need of a little R&R.

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Conveniently enough, the online opportunists at have tapped into the market of soothing viewers' meth addict behavior with a line of Bathing Bad products. Offering salts, candles, soaps, lotions, and scrubs, Bathing Bad is a novelty brand that knows its audience. Take their bath salts description for example:

"Do you watch Breaking Bad? Do you find yourself worrying about taking care of yourself or your family? Do you spend time during your tv show wandering around in just your underwear? Even had a plane crash over your house? Are you looking for better ways than a carwash to launder your money? Then Bathing Bad is for you. We relax away the bad with every, long, hot, luxurious bath. We have to tell you these are for external use only. Not to be used with a shovel or a meth pipe."

And for those who consider themselves too manly for spa merchandise, the ABQ-based business also sells blue meth candy, Los Pollos Hermanos seasoning, and offers Breaking Bad-themed cooking classes.

While we can all admit to being more than a little anxious about the series finale of what may arguably be the best show on television, at least we don't have to strategize a new business model come November.

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