Bunky Boutique to Host Pinkcheeky Trunk Show in Phoenix

Bunky Boutique will host a trunk show on Saturday, February 15, featuring Pinkcheeky, an Arizona-based line of yoga shorts, headbands, boyshorts, and men's boxer-briefs.

Show-goers can expect a DJ, a photo-op with a double-decker bus, food, drinks, and, most importantly, plenty of shopping. While Bunky currently carries only select styles of Pinkcheeky apparel, on Saturday will be the day to shop the entire collection.

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Raelynn Pomichter says that she and her boyfriend, Londoner Jonathan Pring, started Pinkcheeky because they felt that there weren't enough apparel lines being produced stateside, as opposed to in foreign sweat shops.

The brand uses organic cotton grown in Texas that is spun and dyed in North Carolina, and everything is sewn in California.

Shoppers at the trunk show will receive a gift with every Pinkcheeky purchase, as well as 10 percent off their purchase if they buy two pairs of underwear. Food and drinks will be provided by Bunky's neighbor, Giant Coffee.

The Pinkcheeky bus will be parked out front of the boutique for customers to pose with for a picture, and anyone who does will be entered into a raffle to win a free pair of Pinkcheeky underwear.

The bus is from Pring's other business, The Real London Bus Company.

Along with Pinkcheeky items, customers can shop Bunky's winter clearance and tons of spring arrivals.

The boutique sells women's, men's, and baby apparel, handmade jewelry, and is open seven days a week.

"We love culture and community and we buy apparel that is lightweight and soft and easy to wear in our arizona climate. Most all our jewelry is handcrafted and we have quite a few local jewelers such as Melissa Zaki, Kenneth Pierre, Amazed, and Against the Grain," said owner Rachel Malloy.

Pinkcheeky's full line will be available to shop in-person on the day of the show. It is also available on The company aims to be in a number of boutiques by the end of the year.

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