Nokia's Newly Patented Magnetic Tattoo: Because the Vibrate Setting Just Doesn't Cut It

Ball, meet chain.

A patent filed by cell phone company Nokia will soon enable your mobile device to send magnetic waves that would be received and felt through a "perceivable impulse" on the surface of your skin -- all with the help of a handy tattoo.

The ink job would potentially utilize ferromagnetic ink, which includes iron and iron oxide, that would be heated and demagnetized before entering the needling (and your skin).

After the tattoo's complete, the ink can be remagnetized by rubbing a magnet over whatever surface you've decided to shock kindly remind you that all of your needy friends, significant other(s), parents, roommates, and coworkers are jockeying for your attention.

According to the patent, the "perceivable impulse could be customized -- much like a ringtone from vibrate to tingle to itch -- for different callers and messages."

Yes, friends, this means we are just one little step away from our phones truly becoming our fifth (or sixth...) appendage. Buckle up.

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