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Nude Haunted House Open in Pennsylvania

Halloween is not what it used to be, folks. With an ever-growing number of desensitized thrill-seekers, it seems haunted houses are getting desperate to keep the terror alive.

While midnight corn mazes and abandoned hospitals are safe bets on the fear front, one attraction in Sinking Spring, Pennsylvania, is taking things one step further by painting a picture that is truly unnerving -- your naked ass.

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Inspired by Discovery channel's Naked and Afraid, Pennsylvania's annual collection of terror attractions is putting the "boo" back in boobs with a new promotion it's calling the Naked and Scared Challenge.

For $20 per person, midnight adrenaline junkies 18 and older can strip down to their choice of birthday suit or tighty whities and walk through a two-story structure of steampunk-style horrors. Intended as a test of the nerves and not a measure of your weird sex life, the site strictly prohibits any sexual conduct inside the haunted premises.

So much for that romantic fall getaway.

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