Amanda Bynes' Spiral Commemorated with "Free Amanda" Shirts

You know your life is in the toilet when Courtney Love is giving you advice.

The notorious party girl took to Twitter this week to tell Amanda Bynes to "pull it together dude."

This was following Bynes' most recent arrest by New York police for possession of marijuana and throwing a foot-long bong out of her 36th floor apartment, which was really just the weed-flavored icing on the former Nickelodeon star's already whacked-out cake.

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The former actress, who "quit" acting a few years back, quickly fell into the child-star spiral turning her personal life into a tabloid circus or as we like to call it The Amanda Show Part 2.

Between multiple hit-and-runs (extra credit for hitting a police officer and then asking Obama to fire said officer), bizarre bathroom techno videos, public nudity, and asking Drake to "murder her vagina" on Twitter, Amanda Bynes has truly shown that she can out-shame even the pros. (We're looking at you, Lindsay Lohan).

This is why fans/gawkers are now indulging Bynes' attention-seeking endeavors with a "Free Amanda" T-shirt. The shirt is available online for $18 and features Bynes in the comical platinum-banged stripper wig that she chose to wear to court following her arrest. Because dress for the job you want, right?

If you're interested in purchasing the shirt, we recommend doing so quickly, because like the "Free Paris," "Free Winona," and "Free Martha" shirts of retail past, this Hollywood hot mess' 15 minutes will soon be over. We hope so, anyway.

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