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Coolin Out Lifestyle Brand Opens on Roosevelt Row During First Friday

If David Dimmick and Chuck Huus look a little tired lately it's only because they've been busting much ass gearing up for the opening of the Coolin Out Hip Hop Shop in downtown Phoenix. The cozy Roosevelt Row boutique -- which features an emphasis on street art, clothing, and all aspects of hip-hop culture -- will open its doors to the public later tonight.

According the Dimmick (a.k.a. DJ Fact 135) and Huus, who are the duo behind the Coolin Out Lifestyle Brand and clothing line, the shop will help add an extra dose of hip-hop and urban culture to the downtown arts district.

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"As much as it is a shop, we kinda want it to also be a bit of hangout for people into graf art and hip-hop," Dimmick says.

Coolin Out's boutique is located within the Artisan Village retail spaces exactly five doors down from urban art and street culture store The Lab and will offer an array graf work and pieces by such creative types as Adam "Dumperfoo" Dumper and Felix Fresh, as well as art supplies.

Dimmick describes the place as being "part gallery, part clothing store, and part hip-hop joint," and says it will offer Coolin Out's line of t-shirts and other clothing from the brand, as well as custom belt buckles and other gear designed by Huus will also be available for sale.

"[Chuck] gets into these moods so all of sudden we'll have all these belt buckles and shit, like the ones all the b-boys and all the hip-hop heads wear," Dimmick says. "He also likes to design stuff that plays off a lot of old record label logos, like a shirt that looks like the old Delicious vinyl record logo, there's a shirt that looks like the old Pharcyde logo. So we're trying to bring back what once was with hip-hop culture and meld it with what it is now."

Works from local DJs and graphic designers as Mark "Ellery" Leach and Roli Rho will also be found at the shop.

Dimmick says he and Huus picked the space for their shop because of its location in the heart of the arts district (and thus, the crowds that come to First Friday) and other factors like its large display windows. It's also a great spot to hold DJ events as well, he adds.

"Anything we put in the windows tends to pop out when the lights are on and its dark. we want to have shit going on at night as much as possible so it stands out and attracts people," he says.

First things first, however, as Dimmick and Huus have to finish getting ready for tonight's grand opening.

"It's all been happening and coming together quickly the past few weeks and we've been rushingbut like with most people, you do your best work under stress," Dimmick says. "I have complete confidence that everything's gonna be great. We've taken a lot of orders already for the shirts."

Coolin Out's grand opening takes place from 5 p.m. to 10 p.m. tonight. Admission is free.

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