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Local Steampunks: Be Featured in 'Mantecoza' Miniseries

The creators of a locally filmed internet miniseries are calling all airship captains, mad scientists, and various other steampunk lords and ladies to help out with their latest shoot on Sunday in downtown Phoenix.

The series is called Mantecoza, a steampunk-themed web show that features an average guy thrust into an alternate world called Mantecoza that is filled with magic, Victorian fashion, and fantastical inventions.

The main character is the office-drone-turned-reluctant-hero Sebastian King, who finds himself given the task of protecting Mantecoza from the evil Lord Barr.

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Aaron Ginn-Forsberg, a producer and star on the show, asked for the help of Arizona steampunks through the Mantecoza Facebook page for an upcoming shoot. The film crew needed approximately 30 to 50 steampunk dressed extras for a market scene to be filmed at the Paisley Violin.

"We had done our research and knew a few people, but we had no idea just how many would reply," says Ginn-Forsberg in a Wednesday interview.

The Mantecoza star made the request for volunteers with only a week-and-a-half left before the filming was to take place. Merely six days later, Ginn-Forsberg estimated that around 45 people have already pledged to be steampunk extras at the shoot.

"We have some people coming in from California, some from Tucson, even people across the country who are wishing they could come to the shoot," says Ginn-Forsberg. "It's exciting to see something you've worked so hard on to finally take form."

After the filming of the scene is concluded, the cast and crew of the show hope to meet and hangout with their volunteer steampunks. Some extras could even themselves in second season of the series if their characters are particularly eye-catching or interesting, the Mantecoza star commented. 

The Mantecoza filming will begin at 9 a.m. at the Paisley Violin located at 1028 Grand Avenue in Phoenix.