Tattoo Celebrations, Obscura Dance-Offs, WWE Fandom, and Plenty of Comic-Con Cosplayers Over the Weekend

The Girls of Timeless Ink 2012 at Phoenix Convention Center There are bound to be some attractive girls at tattoo conventions, but not all events promise models. The Timeless Ink Tour boasted gals from 187 Clothing and Rock of Love, who were as gorgeous and lovely as the random girls showing off their ink at The Phoenix Convention Center, July 13-15.

Obscura at Rips Ales and Cocktails Rips Ales and Cocktails got crazy on Saturday night for its monthly dance party. Rips holds the event every second Saturday. So, if you feel like getting your dance on, make your way on over, but don't forget your dancing shoes.

WWE's Money in the Bank at US Airways Center The US Airways Center in downtown Phoenix was packed to near capacity with more than 18,000 local rasslin' fans on Sunday, July 15, as World Wrestling Entertainment staged its annual pay-per-view Money in the Bank. It was a night filled with fireworks, fisticuffs, and frantic action, which those in attendance ate up with a spoon. Fans witnessed these action-packed donnybrooks taking place, cheering their guts out while the combatants laid into one more

The Pop Culture Cosplayers of Comic-Con From Back to the Future to Total Recall, from Daft Punk to Deadpool, from Sesame Street to Super Street Fighter II: The New Challengers, there wasn't a corner of pop culture left unchurned by the endlessly creative cosplayers of Comic-Con 2012 in San Diego.

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