Evil Bong 3-D Brings Pot, Aliens, and Smell-O-Vision to the Big Screen

Ever since the '70s, when the exploitation flick Reefer Madness gained cult status, people have been making movies about pot.

The Big Lebowski, Pineapple Express, the Harold & Kumar franchise and pretty much every movie featuring Cheech & Chong have glamorized the use of this supposed "gateway drug." But none have actually had the look, taste or smell of the real thing.

Until now.

Charles Band, the guy behind the Puppetmaster flicks, is releasing his first film in two decades: Evil Bong 3-D: The Wrath of Bong. Not like anyone gives a crap about the plot, but the story basically follows a group of stoners held hostage by hot alien chicks.

It's the third installment of the ultra-campy Evil Bong series and one that promises to deliver a good, solid hit.

Check out a vidcast from Charles band and find out how you'll get the munchies, after the jump...  

No need to make a bong from a soda can, or purchase one of the ridiculously expensive art glass models sold as (wink, wink) "tobacco smoking paraphrenalia." Because Wrath of Bong is in 3D, the giant on-screen smokers will literally feel like they're sitting in your lap.

But wait, there's more. The film is presented in Smell-O-Vision; not the defunct '60s system that pumped scents into theatre seats, but a more maneagable technique that uses scratch-and-sniff cards to feed you smells that go along with the scenes. We imagine that Doritos will be in there somewhere -- and maybe hot alien crotch.

Evil Bong 3D: The Wrath of Bong makes its Arizona premiere at Madcap Theatres in Tempe on Saturday, April 16, just before the nationwide release on -- you guessed it -- 4/20. The event will include Charles Band's Horror Road Show and a guest appearance by actress Robin Sydney. Tickets are $15. 

Three contests are currently underway via the flick's website. Create a promo video, showcase your pussy(cat), or prove you're the biggest stoner in town and you could score free Evil Bong swag.