Four Holiday Stage Revivals to Enjoy in Metro Phoenix

If you have a solid holiday show that people love and buy tickets to, obviously you have to do it at least once more. Or 18 more times. Or whatever. So here we go -- this season's reruns, with links to the original Curtains reviews.

1. Childsplay's Junie B. in Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!

As shown above, the kids of Mr. Scary's class are some of the most enthusiastic spirit-rousers you can find. And even while the play is ideal for elementary-age kids, Childsplay's dynamite production values make it fun for grownups, too. This year, I've also been sympathizing with Junie's desire to have a fun gift for herself as well as for others (until I got my first gift last night, the best Starsky and Hutch book ever).

Through Sunday, December 23, at Temper Center for the Performing Arts, 700 West Rio Salado Parkway. Tickets are $15 and $25; call 480-350-2822 or buy tickets at this link.

2. Space 55's A Bloody Mary Christmas

Entirely on the other end of the family-friendliness spectrum is this ode to drinking and unproductive retirement. It's simply fun and irreverent -- and you can also marvel at how someone could be scared to get out of the car to see a show in this neighborhood. (Okay, to be fair, people still ask me if it's safe when I meet them on the sidewalk outside Space 55. I can't promise you anything, but yeah, it's safe. At least physically.)

Through Saturday, December 15 (extended through Friday, December 21!! It's that popular); $15 at 636 East Pierce Street. Call 602-663-4032 and possibly have your call returned, or just put on the big girl panties and buy the tickets here.

3. Arizona Curriculum Theater's Yuletide

A rare public opportunity to enjoy the early-music stylings of Bartholomew Faire and obscure old stories and verse presented by cool professional actors: a quiet moment in the seasonal frenzy.

Friday, December 14, through Saturday, December 29, at Soul Invictus, 1022 Grand Avenue. Tickets are $20. Buy them here or call 1-888-343-4228.

4. Hale Centre Theatre's A Christmas Carol

Very traditional, a little tame, but very pretty, this production joins the straightforward Carols from Theater Works and Southwest Shakespeare Company this year. Hale has a light hand with jarring contemporary supplements to Dickens' fabulous story (i.e., there are few), and they bring reliable stagecraft and performing skills to the important stuff.

Through Monday, December 24, at 50 West Page Avenue in Gilbert. Houses through December 15 are already very full, so buy those tickets here now or call 480-497-1181. They're $15 and $25.

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