Five Must-Attend Lectures in April

Shine up those spectacles, aspiring poindexters, because there are plenty of ways to up your I.Q. in April. Here are five lectures that will fit the brainy bill.

5. From the Big Bang to Big Brains @ Changing Hands Hubble Space Telescope astronomer Jeff Hester hosts a two-hour discussion about the evolution of the universe. We chatted with Hester about hot yoga, how learning about physics can be like attending a rock show, and his early retirement from a professorship at ASU. If it was any indication, we're fairly sure his talk at Changing Hands Bookstore will be conversational, informative, and, dare we say, fun. Bring along some questions to the talk on Wednesday, April 11, at 6:30 p.m. Register and pre-pay for a $30 ticket by calling 480-730-0205.