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Cave Creek Wants to Challenge Scottsdale for "Most Western Town" Title

Reach for the sky, Scottsdale. The town of Cave Creek wants to challenge you to a showdown.

Long before Old Town Scottsdale spawned a reputation for high end shopping, dining, and douchebags, it was given the title of "The West's Most Western Town."

And little did any of us know, this ranking has not been sitting well with the cowboys of Cave Creek. Thus, they've put together a resolution to challenge Scottsdale featherweights for the rights to the highly regarded title.

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In Resolution No. R2013-20, the Cave Creek City Council has laid out 25 reasons why it thinks its city should claim the caption of "The West's Most Western Town." Reasons range everywhere from the reasonable to ridiculous.

On the one hand: "The Town of Cave Creek is home to Frontier Town, one of Arizona's longest running family businesses, opened in 1970, with the motto 'Where Scottsdale's Pavement Ends the West begins."

And the other: "The community is so laid back that neighboring cities describe it as 'beyond Carefree."

Forgoing the usual pistols at dawn outside the saloon, Cave Creek plans to take its cowboy crusade to the town's very own Wild West Days event November 1 through 3, when it will challenge Scottsdale's leading civil servants to a series of western themed trials including: Bull Riding Showdown at Buffalo Chip, November 1 at 8 p.m. Cave Creek Town Manager Rodney Glassman vs. Scottsdale City Manager Fritz Behring Quick Draw Shootout at Horny Toad parking lot, November 2 at 12 p.m. Cave Creek Mayor Vincent Francia vs. Scottsdale Mayor Jim Lane

"Horse Soccer" at "Hogs & Horses" arena, November at 1 p.m. Cave Creek Vice Mayor Adam Trenk and Council vs. Scottsdale Vice Mayor Suzanne Klapp and Council Old Fashioned Pig Race at Harold's Corral, November 2 at 3 p.m. Cave Creek Town Clerk Carrie Dyrek vs. Scottsdale City Clerk Carolyn Jagger

The Cave Creek city council will meet tonight at 7 p.m. to discuss the passing of this resolution to challenge the city of Scottsdale for the title of the "West's Most Western Town." They hope to have at least one hundred in attendance. Visit

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