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Art: Fausto Fernandez's "The Virtue of Wisdom"

A picture might be worth a thousand words, but apparently those in Fausto Fernandez's "The Virtue of Wisdom," now on display at Scottsdale's Gebert Contemporary, are not. They would look great in a corporate conference room though.

Kathleen Vanesian on "The Virtue of Wisdom:"

In person, one discovers that many of Fernandez's canvases are overwhelmingly enormous, one measuring a whopping 8 by 14 feet -- the perfect finishing touch for an upscale corporate conference room or the lobby of a hip hotel. One also discovers that these are not actually paintings, but rather "collage paintings" or "paintings with paper," as the artist himself labels them.

And, face to face with Fernandez's work, one quickly determines that, beneath a razor-thin veneer of what masquerades as conceptual content, there isn't much else to be discovered...full story