Throwback Thursdays at FilmBar

For some reason, '80s kids have never wanted to grow up. Then again, why would they? They got to experience the adventures of the Goonies, take in the sweet smell of Cabbage Patch Kids, and be there at the dawn of the home video gaming console. Mario, bitches.

That's what being a kid in that decade was all about - long before the Internet and this whole "holding down a job" thing corrupted their innocence.

Embrace that yearning for the past by pretending that anything post-1999 never happened during Throwback Thursdays. Each week, DJ Hunnycut and friends spin the finest in pre-millennium rock, pop and hip-hop at FilmBar.

We can only hope the sounds influence the dress code, and folks will bust a move while wearing high-tops with Madonna-style fishnets and lace.

Of course, there's also the option to go even further back in time with disco and classic rock jams. So be ready to break out that polyester - and dance moves to match.

-- By Christina Caldwell

Price: Free

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