Triptychs of Strangers

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German photographer Adde Adesokan's has no qualms about strangers.

In his latest series, titled "Triptychs of Strangers," Adesokan approaches people he doesn't know, takes a series of three body shots and presents them together as a portrait.

Each photo essay is accompanied by a written story about his subject and how they met. Here, Adesokan describes Marta (right):

I actually noticed and talked to [Marta] because of her remarkable color choice that day ... She has a strong weakness for sweet, especially cakes and biscuits - she pointed out that she is not much into the colorful wine-gum stuff. She once tried to quit eating sweets for a week and ended up lying around with a full belly only 6 hours later."
Find more of Adesokan's photos on the Triptychs of Strangers flickr page. (via photo donuts).