Five Must-Attend Lectures in Phoenix This December

All right, smarty pants, you think you've got a handle on all things brainy?

We've got news for you: The Valley's rife with all sorts of experts who dabble in arts, sciences, and everything in between. And those pros offer up their knowledge readily at lectures all over town every month. Here are five that serve as irrefutable proof.

"Mayan Apocalypse Preparedness" @ REI While goof-around party people take to the clubs to revel in the potential end of the world, you'll have a handle on what to do in case of a Mayan-endorsed apocalypse come December 21, thanks to the outdoorsy crew over at Tempe's REI store.

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One of the store's specialists will lecture on survival techniques that would certainly prove useful if doomsday's really upon us. Get your prepper on from 6:30 to 8 p.m. on Tuesday, December 11. Admission is free.