Skinny Chola at Barrio Queen

Phoenix-based chef Silvana Salcido Esparza is indeed a culinary queen who just expanded her empire from Barrio Café in Phoenix to Barrio Queen in Scottsdale and Barrio Cafe at Phoenix Sky Harbor.

At Old Town Scottsdale's South Bridge, Barrio Queen offers up table-side guacamole, more than 50 types of tacos, and eye candy in the form of artwork by Phoenix artists including Angel Diaz, Gennaro Garcia, Lalo Cota, Nomas, and Thomas Marcus.

But with all the bold colors and flavors going on inside Barrio Queen, we hope you don't overlook the cocktail menu (because we certainly didn't).

Meet our new friend, Skinny Chola.

The Skinny Chola is already a favorite among Scottsdale patrons of the Barrio Queen. Unlike the diet version of most things, the Skinny Chola is actually a more authentic delivery of a margarita.

Forgoing the simple syrup and using pure agave nectar instead, the Skinny Chola highlights more complex flavors that might otherwise be subdued in a syrupy substitute.

So don't let the "skinny" side of the Chola Margarita deter you. Because believe us, bitch keeps it real.

Ingredients: -2 oz. Jose Cuervo Tradicional Blanco Silver Tequila -.75oz. Agave nectar -.75oz. Lime juice

Method: -Shake above ingredients thoroughly with ice -Pour into salted rim (optional) glass and top with lime wedge

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