Visual Arts

Lisa Albinger: A Conversation with the Artist

Lisa Albinger's "Holy Mary Mother of Birds" opens with a First Friday artist's reception from 6 to 11 p.m. Friday, August 6. New Times rapped with her about her latest series of works, which will hang at Perihelion Arts through month's end. The following is in Albinger's words:

"Holy Mary Mother of Birds" portrays a variety of roles women play, whether in the Catholic Church or at home; the mother, the nun, the saint and the priest. This isn't just a girl's tea party; men certainly have a role in the show as the largest piece is sticking up for them. I play on the boys side for that one. And I gave St. Francis an erection. Erections are good, it's how we all got here.

Read more about Albinger's take on religion, sex, and why she refuses to use computers with her work after the jump ..