Get Listed: PhoneBook 3 Details Independent Art Spaces, Projects in the US

One new idea for every day in 2011. We're talking big, small, local, international, in action and on the drawing board. Here's today's -- what's yours?

In 2003, a group of art fans in Chicago decided they needed to do something to support the local contemporary art scene. They organized, asked the local arts community for input and gathered solutions for issues facing the artists in their own neighborhood.

The result, 8 years later, is threewalls, a non-profit group that creates public programs, offers residencies, and hosts symposiums, lectures, and performances. They write the goals is to "increase Chicago's cultural capital by cultivating contemporary art practice and discourse."

The group's latest idea, or project (if it's funded on kickstarter) branches outside of the city. It's a continuation of a directory series the group started in 2008, called PHONEBOOK, which aims to list and detail independent art spaces, programming, and projects throughout the United States, written by the people who run them.

Ultimately, they hope the project will enable audiences to connect to their local and national contemporary arts scenes as well as let artists and art supporters to connect and share ideas on a national level.

For more info, including how to submit your own space or project, check out the threewalls website.