Dunkxchange Returns to US Airways Center on November 30

One of the world's first (and biggest) "buy, sell, trade" sneaker event companies is holding one of its most ambitious events to date on Sunday, November 30, at the U.S. Airways Center.

Dunkxchange (DXC) brings its national tour of sneaker events back to Phoenix with a collaboration with the Phoenix Suns, and it will likely be one of the biggest sneaker convention the Valley has ever seen.

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"The NBA community has a huge sneaker niche, so we teamed up to bring the two worlds together in an NBA arena," says Curtis Brown, co-owner of DXC. "There will be lots of sneakers, lifestyle clothing, music, and a great atmosphere. We are also hosting a video game tournament of NBA 2K15 on site and have a lot of other fun surprises."

This isn't the first time DXC has teamed up with the Suns. Back in April, DXC held an event at US Airways Center, but this one may be bigger and better for a number of reasons, including DXC being more experienced at running events in conjunction with the NBA and the holiday shopping season officially descending upon us.

Though DXC might not be a household name outside of the sneaker community, it's certainly one of the biggest names in sneaker events and always brings a high-quality event to the Valley.

"DXC was started in 2005 by Gary Hughes," Brown says. "He was receiving fake shoes on eBay, so he decided to make an event where people could actually see the product in person and wouldn't have to deal with the shipping cost or waiting. People don't realize that we are the originators of the buy, sell, trade sneaker event. We paved the way for the other buy, sell, trade sneaker events that you see. We started in 2005 and never looked back."

DXC has been hosting events in Phoenix and Tempe for years, so there's no doubt that as the company grows, so will its events in the Valley. As far as what the future may hold, Brown says that DXC wants to spread its reach beyond the traditional "buy, sell, trade" model that the events started as.

"We want to expand and work more with the NBA, as well as expand overseas and internationally," Brown says. "We want to make the event more centrally focused on the culture and not just buying, trading and selling products, and making the event an actual experience that is more interactive."

The Suns X DXC event will take place from 11 a.m. until 3 p.m. on November 30. Tickets ($25) are available at the DXC website and include tickets to see the Suns game against the Orlando Magic after the event.

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