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New Times' Summer Guide: Local Hot Spots, Cool Activities, and Kickass Snow Globes (VIDEO)

Surviving a summer in Phoenix is easy and totally doable if you follow these three steps:

1. Drink water

2. Take a few summertime notes from Robrt Pela

3. Pack a New Times Summer Guide

In this week's print edition, you'll spot our very own Summer Guide, a rundown on food, art, sports, nightlife, and film. And this year, things are getting a little chilly.

In celebration of the months of dashboard cookies, sidewalk eggs, and steering wheel oven mitts ahead, New Times Art Director Peter Storch and photographer Jamie Peachey set out to conquer the craft we all wish we could make life-size during the months of June, July, and August: The snow globe.

A series of snow globes (with a Jackalope sighting) was created for this year's Summer Guide. Check out their recipe below:



Phoenix New Times Summer Guide 2012 from Village Voice Media on Vimeo.

And while you're rehydrating, check out the 2012 Summer Guide.

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