@RealTimeWWII: "Live" Tweeting the Second World War

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For the next six years, Alwyn Collinson will have his hands full. 

 The 24-year-old Oxford University student is on a mission to re-live the drama and "report" the happenings from the battlefield of WWII ... from his laptop, via Twitter

His handle, @RealTimeWWII, will send out up to 40 tweets per day of military and political developments that he's gathered from textbooks and newsreel footage, and eye-witness testimony. 

The account currently has almost 45,000 followers as Collinson relives the fall of 1939.

"I'm hoping to use Twitter to help bring the past to life, helping people understand the past as people at the time saw it, without the benefit of hindsight," he told the Telegraph in London

Here's to history repeating itself.

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