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Call to Artists: Tempe Bicycle Action Group Looking for Public Art Proposals

Time to get creative, cycle fans.

The Tempe Bicycle Action Group (TBAG) is looking for artists to create a bike-oriented public art piece for Tempe's Mitchell Park neighborhood. The deadline for proposals is June 6.

TBAG is sponsoring a commission of up to $15,000 and will accept proposals from artists of all skill levels and backgrounds. The organization's mission is to promote cycling as a safe and effective mode of transportation in Tempe and across the Valley.

"We hope that this piece will be another way of presenting a holistic messaging of the bicycle and its role in our community," says Eric Iwerson, TBAG Board Member and Tempe-based artist. "It should be a different kind of artwork that communicates how cool bikes are."

The commission is funded from revenue generated by TBAG through events including the Tour de Fat. The organization will work directly with city and neighborhood representatives to ensure proper construction and integration into the environment.

"I'm excited about this proposal because it is a totally grassroots, community-based project that's not funded by government dollars," says Phoenix artist Jenny Ignaszewski. "The scale is nice."

For more information check out TBAG's website or contact Eric Iwerson at [email protected].

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