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"Not Another Sundance Movie" Parodies Indie Films

While the well-connected and the Hollywood indie elite are spending the week in Utah, attending the many premières and parties of the Sundance Film Festival, the rest of us are confined to living vicariously through celebrity gossip sites and waiting for the winners to slowly make their way to Camelview.

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Lucky for us, a new video on YouTube is out to sum up everything we miss out on and truly don't miss about the movies at Sundance Film Festival. From the unrealistic dialogue made to seem profound by some obscure percussion-based soundtrack to the montage of human hysterics, "Not Another Sundance Movie" perfectly captures the redundant, asinine qualities that make Sundance films so "different" from mainstream Blockbusters.

The Sundance parody was created by the Los Angeles-based comedy collective, Tastes Funny, which is best known for its "Obama is not a Pumpkin" spoof on Snopes and 52 61 Facts About My Dick.

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