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No Guys, Diddy's Not Going to be on Downton Abbey. Because, Duh.

If you follow Diddy on any of his many social networks/emotional outlets, you may have noticed some rather odd behavior yesterday.

The hip-hop mogul, who has more than 8.5 million followers on Twitter, announced on Wednesday that he would be appearing as a regular character on the popular British period drama, Downton Abbey.

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Not one for modest self-promotion, Diddy also took his news to Instagram where he posted images of himself dressed (or Photoshopped) in character with show's aristocratic style:

PBS denied Diddy's statement saying that it was "simply not true." Obviously.

It is a shame really, because we would totally watch a Diddy-infused Downton. Just think, Edith would finally have a man, the manor would get some much needed swag, Mary would get put in her place, and you just know he and the Dowager Countess of Grantham would be tight.

Though we probably won't be seeing Sir Diddy on Masterpiece Theater anytime soon, we can at least count on a few fresh faces to grace the show. In the upcoming fourth season, which will air stateside on PBS starting January 5, 2014, actor Gary Carr will play the series' first recurring black charter while Tom Cullen will serve as a possible love interest for the widowed Lady Mary -- sorry, Edith.

Update: Though Diddy won't appear on the upcoming season of the show, the good folks over at Funny or Die have given the rapper reign over what he calls "Downtown Abbey" in a new video called "Downton Diddy."

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