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Flying Bikes Are the Future

Call your inner child because it's finally happening.

The biggest thing to hit the bike since making both wheels the same size is currently in development in Prague -- and, yes, it's better than adding videos to Instagram.

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The Flying Bike or "F-Bike" is a collaborative project started in 2011 by developers from Czech companies Technodat, Evektor, and Duratec, with support from French company, Dassault Systemes.

Taking inspiration from Jules Verne novels and Czech director Karel Zemanand's film The Stolen Airship, the ambitious tech team has been able to produce a prototype bicycle that soars above ground using a series of battery powered propellers.

Although by no means compact, with the largest propellers extending out nearly four feet, the European team has been able to send the 209-pound air bike flying with a dummy passenger for a duration of five minutes.

Though the bike is nowhere near being featured in the next issue of SkyMall catalogue, the developers are hopeful that the next flying bicycle test will be conducted with a human onboard.

Take that, E.T.

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