A Saturday w/ Fernando Leon

Monday through Friday, Fernando Leon works to help disabled veterans seek disability pay for service-related injuries. His weekends, on the other hand, consist of gay bars, fabulous friends, and a helluva lot of fun.

So when Leon, a longtime friend of mine, suggested we attend the annual RoadRunner Regional Gay Rodeo this past Saturday at Rawhide Wild Horse Pass, there was no hesitation.

The Meet Up: Hooter's at The Arizona Center in Downtown Phoenix. What better way to start a day filled with gay cowboys than with beer, wings and T&A?

The Company: Fernando's hilarious group of friends includes Felipe Viera, Trent Higgins and Bryan Gaona. I arrived late to Hooter's but the boys didn't fail to clue me in on what I missed, "Our server was a bitch with a bump-it."

Favorite Spot: "Oohh, horses!" Fernando says as we pulled up to Rawhide. Saturday's weather and Rawhide's dirt lot wasn't exactly ideal for men who are concerned about their shoes.

Luckily, the best place to be at the rodeo
was inside a large tent area, where booze, food, and shirtless cowboys were in full swing.

The entertainment at the rodeo may have been the best part of the day. No we're not talkin' bucking broncos, we're talkin' cowboy lap dances, drag queen karaoke and an auction for two cowboys' underwear.

The highest bidder won the underwear, and got to take the underwear off of the men backstage. Fernando bid $40 but bidding went as high as $135.

The night ended with drinks and dancing at Charlie's Phoenix, an official sponsor of RRRR and a regular weekend hangout for Fernando and crew. This was the most packed they've ever seen the venue and the most RV's they've seen in Charlie's parking lot.