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Nudiemojis Combines Naked Chicks and Emoticons (NSFW)

Whether you use a smartphone, Gmail, or Facebook, chances are you've noticed the emoji takeover -- and while a picture may be worth a thousand words, we'd be hard-pressed to give aesthetic merit to miniature icons of hearts, thumbs up, and smiley faces with sunglasses.

But thanks to New York artist Christine Cha, these digital charms are making their way off the computer screen and into the art world, with a little help from the female body.

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Nudiemojis, which is currently on display at the Greenpoint Gallery in Brooklyn, is a new series by Cha that combines female nudes with the popular style of emojis and emoticons. Using cut-outs of voluptuous Playboys, Cha delivers a playful perspective of the female form by adding cleverly placed cartoon faces, turning them into characters with everyday male names and captions.

According to Flavorwire, Cha says the intended goal behind this juxtaposition is about "bringing the female nude and the subject of femininity into play without making it about feminism." And whether you find the concept of cartoon eyes drawn over nipples sexy or slapstick, we're sure your curious to see more (NSFW, sort of).

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