Comedian Bobcat Goldthwait on the Bill of Rights, Ted Nugent, Westboro Baptist Church, and His Film God Bless America

You may know Bobcat Goldthwait from his recent films, the cult sensation World's Greatest Dad and this year's God Bless America. Or his rather infamous role as the squeaky-voiced gang leader Zed from the Police Academy movies.

But Goldthwait was a standup comic first and foremost. He began performing when he was still in his teens, though his career eventually took a bit of a digression. Thirty years after starting, he seems to have finally found his comedic voice onstage.

Goldthwait's a master storyteller whether he's working in film or standup format, and his comedy sets are a balance of self-deprecation and absurdity, which you can witness for yourself when he takes the stage at this weekend's Phoenix Comedy Festival.

The event benefit Arizona's Bill of Rights Monument and, fittingly enough, Goldthwait had plenty to say about the content of that august document, including the first and second amendment. During our recent conversation with the comedian, he dished on his feelings about the right to bear arms, as well as his opinions on Ted Nugent, Westboro Baptist Church, America's over-obsession with human trainwrecks, and other topics.