The MissAdventures of Elisa Marie

If you've ever met Elisa O'Hagan, you'll believe her to be an adorably innocent little thing. She loves animals, eats vegan, and is happily married to Mr. John O'Hagan, owner of Golden Rule Tattoo.

But this gentle lamb also sports some pretty dang tough tattoos and has a hilarious blog where she uses the eff word. A lot.

The whole package is quite charming.

Read on about The MissAdventures of Elisa Marie blog after the jump.

On the MissAdventures of Elisa Marie blog, you can expect to find funny little sketches with a healthy serving of observational humor, quirky complaints and raunchy commentary. She also posts photos, links to news stories and writes about anything that strikes her fancy.

As far as the cartoons go, we'd like to call her the Natalie Dee of Phoenix...but, then again, she might not like that.

Yes, we fear her blog-wrath.

Either way, we highly recommend that you click the link to discover the mind of Elisa Marie O'Hagan at