Visual Arts

Grand Avenue Festival Expands Call For Entries

Add trashy fashion and "guerrilla gardens" to the existing call for artsy rubbish.

Along with the second annual "Trashy Sculpture Show" at Bragg's Pie Factory, the Grand Avenue Festival has expanded its call for entries.

One is the "Recycled Rubbish Fashion Show," also scheduled to hang at Bragg's Pie, 1301 Grand Avenue, during the all-day festival on September 25. The curators are currently looking for garment makers of all ages to craft wares from recovered materials, whether it's "old bike tires, doormats, toothbrushes, or beer cans." The deadline is September 10. Participation costs $10. Go to or e-mail [email protected].

The other is a "Hanging Gardens, Woven Fences" project along lower Grand Avenue in and around the area of Kooky Krafts, 1500 Grand Avenue. "Hanging Gardens," in the words of project brainchild Beatrice Moore, "Will utilize existing trees along the street for installing temporary 'guerilla gardens' which can be real or imagined." The "Woven Fences" portion will feature artwork that can be woven through, along, or on top of a fence. Entry costs $15. Concepts can be mailed to Kooky Krafts or sent via e-mail to [email protected]. Call 602-391-4016.

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