10 Favorite Drag Queens in Metro Phoenix

Usually when life's a drag, it's not by choice. For these ten ladies drag wasn't a choice either, but rather a calling. From veterans to newcomers and everything in between, here are 10 of our favorite men known for primping, pinning, and tucking to become some of the Valley's most recognized and followed female impersonators.

We hung around the best gay bars in Phoenix to find our favorite leading ladies who always win us over with their sass, charm, and penchant for big, big hair.


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Tyra Marie

Tyra Marie will be the first to admit drag is like therapy for her.

"I had a difficult childhood, was bullied throughout elementary school and didn't have a lot of confidence growing up," she says. "As time passed and I started getting more into drag, I started to build more confidence. That confidence grew on me and to my male persona."

Named partly for Tyra Banks and partly as family tradition ("all the females on my mother's side have "Marie" as their middle name. Yes, all eight of them," she says), Marie, like many of the others on this list, was crowned Miss Gay Arizona America last year -- a presitigous statewide title that leads to competition at the national Miss Gay America pageant. She entertains as a frequent guest star at bars like Karamba Night Club and Apollo's Lounge.

"My inspiration comes from our GLBT community," says the performer, who isn't currently working on a regular show, but appears at any number of gay bars as a guest star. "The love that our community gives to the drag queens is amazing. That love is my inspiration to continue this art."