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Inside The Drip Room: Scottsdale's First Foray into the Multi-Layered World of IV Vitamins

Her lips are pursed tightly together in premonition. She looks to her right, away from her left arm outstretched on the plush, white lounge chair. She squints slightly, smiles briefly, and refuses to watch as a tiny needle is injected into her vein just below the inner crease of her elbow. It's over in mere moments, akin to the prick that comes with a blood draw or an intravenous drip. It is an intravenous drip, in fact, but this isn't a hospital or even a traditional doctor's office, and certainly not a blood bank.

"Now I'll read my book," the woman says, gesturing to the iPad across her lap. "They have iPads here, too. Or sometimes I'll watch TV."

She looks up at Dr. Brent Cameron, a curly-haired naturopathic physician, who is monitoring her from across the room.

"I can already taste it in the back of my mouth," she says.