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Hey Girl Weather App Is Ryan Gosling on the Go

Ryan Gosling might be newly single, but the chances of you getting the "hey girl" heartthrob in your life are still slim to none. Fortunately there's a new phone app that offering the next best thing.

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Hey Girl Weather is a free iPhone app created by Wise Elephant Apps LLC. Like any typical smartphone weather program, it offers up-to-date forecasts from your choice of cities around the world with temperature readings, wind speeds, cloud conditions, and, oh yeah, Ryan Gosling.

RyGo is on your on-the-go weather man giving you a feel for what it's like outside while giving you, er, other feelings on the inside. With the the Hey Girl Weather app you can customize Ryan Gosling quotes to match your climate conditions with sayings like "Hey girl, you're totally beach body ready," or "Hey girl, I like your rain boots."

Plus each weather forecast comes with your choose of Ryan Gosling background. Is it sad? Maybe. But are we still downloading it? Obviously.

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