Thomy Hoefer's Non-Hipster Hipster Wear

Thomy Hoefer digs wearing Supra Skytops and skinny jeans, hanging out at Sticky Fingers on Fridays (where he DJs as Prince $$), and shopping online via sites like PLNDR and Karmaloop.

You can call him stylish, or up with the latest trends -- just don't call him a hipster.

The 31-year-old artist and designer (who builds DJ booths and lighting elements at Bar Smith and other clubs) doesn't like being pigeonholed and says he's just really into clothes that look good.

"People are quick to call someone Goth, hipster, gangster, skater, etc., based on what they wear," he says. "I think it's kinda ignorant to make that call. I'm sure some people would [because] a lot of my friends are considered hipsters, so you kinda get tagged as one."

Decide for yourself after the jump as Hoerfer shares his favorite things to wear, places to shop, and his opinions of hipster culture.

What are you wearing right now? 
Black hoodie from Seventh LetterUNIF t-shirt, Dickies shorts (I'm at my day job), and hemp Vans slip-ons.

What's your favorite outfit to wear?
My painted Beta Unit jeans, Glitch Mob t-shirt with my gold and black Supra Skytop II's.

What's the last item of clothing that you bought?
Some white and grey tie-dyed denim Supra Skytops from PLNDR.

Where do you usually shop? 
I shop mostly online for clothes. Locally, the only place I shop is Buffalo Exchange. I've found a good amount of Creative Recreations there on the cheap and the t-shirt rack usually has some gems in it.

What do you like to accessorize with?
The only accessories I have are a house key my wifey had dipped in gold. I wear that on a cheap ball chain. And my wedding ring.

What item of clothing do you most covet at the moment?
Hmm...I have always wanted a custom-tailored leather jacket I [designed]. Just trying to find the right local designer to make it for me. Jackets are probably the hardest thing for me to pick out. I go many winters without one, opting for hoodies. It's mostly 'cause they usually don't fit right or don't have the right look.

What item of clothing will always look good on a guy, no matter who it is?
I guess a nice dressy button-up.

Where would you love to have a shopping spree?
Karmaloop. I'd pretty much wipe out the Beta Unit section.

Are events like Sticky Fingers as much a fashion show as it is a dance night?
Bar Smith's nights are always fashion shows. It just attracts that clientele from the promoters who throw the nights.

Which hipster fashion trends are cool and which are tired, in your opinion?
Weird mustaches are cool. I don't dig the falling whistle. I know it's for charity and all, but still...

What's your opinion on such hipster sunglasses? 
Aviators I'm not a fan of. Wayfarers are fresh with the right outfit. I'm a Stunna Shades kinda guy.

Give us a childhood memory of you and clothes:
I owned Velcro parachute pants and jams [board shorts], wore bike shorts and those hats with the flip up brim, and was jealous of kids who had swim shoes

Name five items every man should have in his closet:
1. Hightops
2. A deep v-neck
3. Skinny jeans
4. A nice fedora
5. Zip-up black hoodie

Name an item of clothing that's best when it's vintage:
Leather jacket. Though I have some personal vintage underwear that [is] pretty fantastic.

What's one kind of clothing you should never buy at a thrift store?
Nothing is off limits clothing-wise at a thrift store. There's always a chance to find something wearable at a thrift store, they do wash everything so there isn't and disease factor. People give away awesome stuff. If you're creative you can come away with a sweet outfit.

What's your one piece of fashion advice for Phoenix:
Don't stereotype based on a person's style. Oh, and never wear Kandi.

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