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Epic-Scents and Sega to Release Video Game-Inspired Fragrance

Have you ever taken a whiff of someone who's been playing video games for that days straight? Did the combined odor of leftover pizza, Mountain Dew, and unwashed pit sweat make you wish you could bottle it into a fragrance and have it with you always?

Yeah, we didn't think so.

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Epic-Scents, the premier (only?) manufacturer of video game-inspired fragrance, is teaming up with the Japanese video game company Sega to produce a new line of air-care products for the brand. Although very little information regarding the Sega fragrance has been revealed, the new scents are set to launch sometime this month.

Epic-Scents began establishing a presence in the gamer world last fall at New York Comicon when it premiered a line of Capcom air fresheners. Available in the scents of Mega Man and Proto Man, these fresheners attempt to truly capture the essence of their characters.

According to "With scents derived from gamer feedback, these are fresheners are what the scentologists believe Mega Man and Proto Man would actually smell like."

Epic-Scents air fresheners are currently sold on

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