A Wednesday Night with Anthony Hart

This week, we're starting "Wingman"-- A nighttime mission that involves a consented game of tag along with a local nightlife figure in efforts to understand how and why they're making Phoenix a decent place to party.

For most people, a Wednesday night is pretty simple and by simple we mean boring. It's the hump in your work-week woes, coupled with being in bed by a reasonable hour, cursing the man and counting the days until Friday's freedom.

For most local DJs, a Wednesday night gig doesn't exactly equal a packed venue for the very same reason. But Anthony Hart isn't most people or most local djs and last Wednesday at Bar Smith was living proof

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With a DJ name like "Hartbreaks," looks that could easily make heart's break and this year's New Times title of "Best Young Hipster DJ," you'd think this guy was another silly scenester-turned-"DJ" as an excuse to party and schmooze chicks.

In actuality, this could not be further from the truth. Not only does he scoff at the mention of DJ groupies (yes, DJ groupies are a very real thing) he also does this at our New Times "Best of" branding him a hipster. Though he's grateful for the recognition, he finds the term to be offensive but this just proves that he is, indeed, a hipster.

We got to know a lot about Anthony Hart while tagging along with him

to his Wednesday night DJ gig at Bar Smith, including how he and his resident DJ friends, Mark "Elery" Leach and Dusty "Pickster One" Hickman, packed a rooftop venue full of booty-shakin' Downtown Phoenix hip kids on a cold night in the middle of the week.

Hartbreaks, Elery and Pickster One make up "The Scenario's" resident DJ trio they termed "The Brrap Pack." The name started as an inside joke between the three of them because of its reference to vernacular common in music called "Dubstep," a type of music they're known to play on a typical Wednesday night.

But the type of music "The Brrap Pack" plays isn't what we find to be the most interesting about these DJ dudes.  It's how they're making everyone within earshot feel apart of something which, in turn, creates a community that's fundamental to Phoenix nightlife. Special about Mr. Hart is the way he translates his excitement for mixing beats and passion for music into an energy that's contagious to an entire room (or rooftop), which makes for ahellofa Wednesday night.