Forever 21 Fall Fashion Show Isn't as Appealing as the Cheap Drinks

Last night, Hurricane Bay, Forever 21 and Rolf's Salon teamed up for the Forever 21 Fall Fashion Preview.

Forever 21 supplied clothing, outwear, accessories and shoes from their fall collection; Rolf's Salon decorated models with bold makeup and voluminous hair to represent upcoming trends; And Hurricane Bay, known for having the Best Ladies Night, provided a spacious venue with a mixed crowd.

Sounds like the perfect collaboration, right?

In truth, the fashion show was over in a matter of minutes (15 to be approximate) and left many onlookers unimpressed.

The first outfit was a classic blazer paired with a floral dress and wedges. Blazers, floral prints and wedges were repeated in the looks that followed. Other notable trends included polka dots, bows and fringe. The show ended with a sleeveless red dress with rosette-esque detailing.

In total, less than a dozen outfits hit the stage.

The moral of the fashion show: Leggings, sequins and plaid are still "in" and just because fall brings cooler temperatures does not mean short rompers and dresses are "out."

Many of the spectators said they like Forever 21 and shop at their stores, but didn't enjoy the preview show. Some complained about the dim lighting making it hard to see and others wondered why there was so little outwear and cold-weather accessories in a fall fashion show.

The men's wardrobe department was also lacking -- only two men's outfits were even in the show. The crowd booed when the first male model strutted the catwalk in a casual tee, jeans and a colorblock sweater, but cheered for the second male model outfitted in a graphic tee, skinny jeans and a fedora.

Most of the audience seemed unconcerned with fall fashion and more focused on drinking (naturally) and dancing.

As the staff broke apart the makeshift stage, the dance floor was once again occupied and the real business resumed.

So, in a battle between fall fashion and 25-cent drink specials, who wins? It seems that 25-cent drinks triumph -- especially if there's space to dance.