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Arizona Has Set 4 Guinness World Records. Here's How

There are a lot of things that factor into which state you choose to call home: cost of living, job availability, and let's not forget the neighborhoods, whether they're up-and-coming, Midcentury Modern, or super expensive.

But if you follow real estate blog, Estately, you're probably also in tune to which cities have the most douchebags, whose residents are most likely to survive the zombie apocalypse, and the Guinness World Records held by each state.

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Arizona's claims to fame in the Guinness Book of World Records include the highest barefoot water skiing speed (135.74 miles per hour) that Scott Michael Pellaton set back in 1989, a.k.a. water-skiing's heyday.

The 48th state also holds the record for largest mariachi group performing simultaneously (555 performers at the La Frontera Tucson International Mariachi Conference in 2010), the most tattoos completed in 24 hours by a single artist (801 tattoos by Hollis Cantrell of Artistic Tattoo in 2008) and the largest shaving cream pie fight (815 people at the Cornerstone Christian Fellowship in Chandler in 2013).

Another record that's held by Arizona but does not appear on the Estately list was that of the longest basketball shot, performed by Thunder Law of the Harlem Globtrotters in 2013 at U.S. Airways Center. The distance was 109 feet and nine inches.

Naturally, some states held more records than others. Texas, for example has, 10 Guinness World Records, nearly half of them food-related, including largest Frito pie, largest gingerbread house, most breast milk donated, and fastest sandwich made using feet. Gross.

Other states, however, were hard-pressed to make it into the Guinness Book of World Records. Wyoming's only claim to fame was have the oldest person to win a class championship at the World Horseshoe Pitchers Tournament.

Some of the more interesting Guinness World Records included the longest time spent continuously on a teeter-totter (75 hours 10 minutes) set in Washington (why?), the largest margarita (8,500 gallons) made in Nevada (good call), and the longest fingernails, which belonged to a woman in Utah and had a combined length of 28 feet 4.5 inches. Shudder.

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