A Night Out w/ Sean Watson

Sean Watson is a veteran local DJ, dance party initiator, and all-around lovable lad. As one of the Valley's most reputable DJs, Watson doesn't just know how to get a party started with the jams he spins; his animated enthusiasm, fun-loving energy, and down-right contagious laugh is known to infect a room with high energy.

His weekly residencies are all over town, including gigs at The Vig, Tuesday night's at Merc Bar, and a new Saturday night at Crescent Ballroom called "Kismet". This Sunday, Sean will be heading to Tucson to DJ, Dia De Los Muertos: All Souls Procession Grand Finale.

We caught up with Watson on Halloween night at Crescent Ballroom for our most recent Wingman adventure. Read on after the jump...

The Meet Up: Crescent Ballroom (and yes, in full costume) for a Hallow's Eve event Watson has helped organize. Though he's spent the day at Crescent, setting up for this lavish costume ball, Watson's still full of excitement and smiling ear to ear, ready to make tonight a night for the books.

On the roster is a performance from local Flamenco and dance company, Flamenco Por La Vida, followed by a costume contest, judged by

The Company: Aside from the regular Downtown Phoenix nightlife crew, (i.e. William Reed, Jeremiah Gratza, Ben Andersen, and Jason Ayers), attendees of tonight's event include, Bowie (circa

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