"Ephemeral Moments and Systematic Tides" at ASU's Vault Gallery

image courtesy of ASU Vault Gallery
Papers by Rebecca Bergman
This Friday night, the ASU Vault Gallery will host an artist reception for "Ephemeral Moments and Systematic Tides" featuring work by locla creatives Christine Cassano and Rebecca Bergman.

Although both artists have extremely different styles, they've found their work has more in common than meets the eye. 

Cassano's concrete installations with manufactured and organic components, and Bergman's extraordinarily detailed surrealist paintings speak to human behavior traits, large and small.

"Clearly the work is nothing alike, but we realized that we were both exploring these micro and macro elements," Cassano says. "[Rebecca] focuses on moments in time and the thought process and a lot of my work is doing the same thing ... It shows art that has no visual similarities can share a similar dialogue."


image courtesy of ASU Vault Gallery
One Versus 6 Billion by Christine Cassano

Cassano and Bergman will also donate 25 percent of the proceeds of any work sold to the Icehouse -- a staple of the Valley art scene that plans to close at the end of the year for financial reasons.

Cassano will also be participating in Hugo Medina's show to raise money for the venue in May. 

"I live for moments when we artists can do good things with our work," she says. "Most of us right now can't afford to give [monetarily] to causes, but raising money through art makes me feel like I can make a difference."

The Vault Gallery is located in the lower level of ASU Downtown Campus Library at 411 N. Central Ave. in Phoenix. The reception is this Friday from 6:30 to 9 p.m. 

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