Visual Arts

World of Rynaga: An Explorer's Map by Eric Torres

Since we checked in with Phoenix designer Eric Torres in January, he's been busy mapping Rynaga.

Rynaga is Torres's world -- a narrated, illustrated environment he's created for fantastic creatures with real life stories (think Tolkien, Homer, and Lewis Carol with a more comic feel).

The World of Rynaga Explorer's Map is the result of 5 years of research, writing, planning, and illustrating; it's a detailed survey of city states, towns, and landmarks within Rynaga's Veratar, which ties directly into the Rynaga narratives and games.

From the map, users can learn more about the locales, wildlife, and adventure possibilities of each area. (And even if you know nothing about the game or the world, the two-tone, old-world map is a pretty cool work of illustration.)

You can grab a 24-by-36-inch piece (printed on 100lb matte text paper) for $20 on the Rynaga Etsy site or if you can find Torres at Comicon this weekend.

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