Treasure Hunt: Tucson Showcases Gems, Beads, and a Whole Lot of Sparkle

Sometimes it's important to have an adventure, and in the spirit of discovery and shallow love for anything (and everything) that sparkles, Jackalope Ranch took a much-needed trip out of town to do some treasure hunting. This time, we trekked to Tucson for the annual Jewelry, Mineral, Gem and Fossil Show.

Note: we say "mineral, gem, and fossil" lightly because we mostly paid visit to the overflow of beads, and with news of the Glendale Bead Museum closing shop on March 12, we're glad we got an eye-full.

Warning: Bead porn from the True Bead and Best Bead show to follow ...

Hundreds of jewelry, mineral, gem and fossil shows continue in Tucson through February 13. Our best hint is to check out the overall show schedule and map out a few spots to hit (with a few much-needed snack breaks).

And while you're down south, we recommend stopping by the rotating art gallery in the lobby of Hotel Congress, Yikes Toy Shop, and Picante Designs (oilcloth alert!).