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Voyage Trekkers Creator Nathan Blackwell Talks Season Two, an eBook, and What's on His Must-See List

Robots, space, and ray guns are just a few words that can inevitably lead most sci-fi fans to geek out in adoration and obsession.

The aforementioned are -- not coincidentally, we presume -- part of what make up the intergalactic comedy web series "Voyage Trekkers," which centers on the self-described "worst starship crew in the Galactic Union" and will screen its season two premiere this Wednesday.

Co-creator, writer and director Nathan Blackwell took time out of his chaotic schedule (which includes still filming two episodes and editing about seven more for season two) to talk to us about what's different this season, why they wanted to write an eBook and give it away for free, plus what some of his favorite shows and movies are, besides "Voyage Trekkers," of course.

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